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How To Clean Invisalign Trays And Aligners

Invisalign Dentist Explains Best Practices for Cleaning Trays and Aligners

Invisalign paved the way for adults to feel confident wearing braces, but Invisalign trays and aligners can become caked with plaque and saliva after a week or two of use. Our San Francisco dentist explains some steps you can to take to keep them clean.

Gather Supplies

The supplies needed to clean and disinfect Invisalign trays and aligners include distilled white vinegar (5% acidity), a small bowl, warm water, and a toothbrush. Gather these items near a sink before pretreating Invisalign products.

Pretreat Trays and Aligners

For the same reasons teeth need an occasional deep clean, trays and aligners need to be pretreated to loosen materials deposited on the surface. Using a combination of equal parts warm water and vinegar, soak the aligners and trays for up to 30 minutes. If a deep clean is needed, change out the warm water and vinegar solution before soaking Invisalign products a second time.

Brush, Clean, and Repeat

After trays and aligners have been adequately soaked, use a toothbrush to remove additional residue. Repeat the process if the first round didn’t catch everything. Create a schedule to regularly clean trays and aligners to avoid a lengthy cleaning process in the future.

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