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San Francisco Dentist Using Latest Dental Filling Technology

How the SonicFill Composite System Enhances Dental Filling Procedures

Dental fillings have historically been time-consuming treatments, and the filling process often requires multiple visits to complete with caps. Now, a new technology called SonicFill allows dentists to perform fillings more quickly and accurately than ever. Patients are enjoying faster dental filling procedures and lasting results every day with this startling new technology.

Let’s examine the process in closer detail and try to discern hype from science.

Here’s how and why SonicFill works:

The handheld filling device allows your cosmetic dentist to better control the flow and placement of the composite, thus saving time during the treatment and ensuring more accuracy. The new composite, called nanocomposite, also offers unparalleled benefits, according to many professional reviewers, including a better look, feel, and durability.

Meanwhile, ancillary benefits abound. The fast curing times and layering treatments mean patients can receive results that are as high quality as a root canal or higher class filling. Since the overall method takes less time than a traditional filling, patients at clinics that implement the procedure notice reduced wait times, earlier appointments, and faster procedure times.

The quality of care increases with the precision of the SonicFill procedure, meaning every patient who comes to our San Francisco dentist (or other practice that develops facility with this technology) will receive the highest quality fillings in record time.

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From our own experience, we can say that new and existing patients alike love the look and feel of this new treatment method, which benefits both patient and care provider. If you’d like to learn more about this high performance technology that can facilitate fillings that will last without additional capping, please call our experienced, reputable San Francisco Dentist, Dr. Alex Pastel. We can answer your technical questions about the process and offer other possible solutions based on your dental history. Give us a call today at (415)831-1999 or book your next appointment online!

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