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Why You Need A Dental Check Up Twice A Year

Here’s Why You Should See Your General Dentist Every 6 Months

Seeing a dentist twice a year gives you the best opportunity to identify and correct dental problems. Research shows that the link between oral health and overall well-being is profoundly important. The course of a year may be long enough for serious problems to develop in your mouth or elsewhere in the body. If you can catch problems early enough, you can often address them with cost effective and relatively pain-free interventions.

90% of tooth loss is caused by preventable gum and tooth issues. Daily brushing and flossing should be supplemented with regular checkups. Your exams will involve both digital x-rays and deep teeth cleanings. The hygienist and dentist will look for signs of infection, tooth decay, and other inflammation markers. The cleaning also removes any buildup that might be irritating to the gums or lead to future problems, such as bone loss or infection.

On a more serious note, the dentist will also look for signs of disease, such as oral cancers. Some inflammatory oral conditions may indicate serious, even life-threatening illnesses like heart disease or diabetes. Your mouth holds a host of clues regarding illness throughout the body. A dentist may recommend that you see a physician or specialist if he or she notices something suspicious in your teeth, gums, tongue, or even breath.

Make an appointment for preventative teeth cleaning every six months as part of your comprehensive health plan. A standing appointment decreases your chances of encountering a costly surgery or treatment in the future, and may even save your life.

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