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Advantages Of Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

Invisalign vs. Conventional Metal Braces

Braces are a popular and effective option for individuals seeking to straighten their teeth. When visiting an orthodontist or general dentist, many patients want to know whether traditional metal braces or Invisalign® clear braces are a better option for them.

When considering whether or not to visit an Invisalign® dentist, consider the following advantages Invisalign® provides over its alternative, including:

1. Accuracy. Using the latest computerized technology, Invisalign® braces present a fully predictable course of treatment. By contrast, conventional metal braces offer a “trial and error” approach, the results of which are not known until treatment is complete.

2. Duration. While patients with conventional metal braces, in many cases, may wait as long as five years for their smiles to align, Invisalign® treatments last between a year and a year and a half.

3. Safety. The metal protrusions in traditional braces pose the risk of scratches and punctures inside the mouth, not to mention increased tooth decay and demineralization. Smooth, removable Invisalign® structures allow for safer use and more thorough teeth cleaning.

4. Comfort. Not only is Invisalign® more comfortable inside the mouth, patients can also remove them to eat or drink.

5. Visibility. Often, those around individuals with Invisalign® don’t realize they have braces. Metal brackets, however, are difficult to overlook.

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